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Weizel presently serves 1,755 correctional and prison facilities in North America 2006 Incarceration Facts

U.S.A: 2.2 Million inmates in approx. 7,000 facilities.

Canada: 38,000 inmates in approx. 450 facilities

Weizel presently serves 2,454 hospitals in North America


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Second Chance Body armor, provided by

Click Here for SECOND CHANCE Armor Ballistic Capabilities


Tactical Armor
Tactical Armor are designed for many applications

Types include:

  1. Command Jac Assault Zone
    Is state of the art for those tactical missions best served by front opening tactical body armor.  The CJAZ combines full torso protection with standard shoulder protection, optional neck, arm and groin protection in a manner that allows for maximum ballistic coverage, adjustability and ultimate comfort
  2. Top Jac
    The Tactical Optimum Protection Jacket is a multi-purpose tactical vest which features the greatest area of interrupted, continuous front, side, back, upper thorax and neck coverage.
  3. Universal SRT & SRT+
    The Second Chance SRT and SRT+ are cost effective armor designs for those tactical missions served by non-front opening tactical body armor
  4. Special Operations Jacket
    The Special Operations Jacket offers ballistic coverage for full front, sides and back
  5. Command Jacket
    The Command JacŪ 10 and Command JacŪ Snap & Velcro are three piece front opening units featuring a six buckle, three per side, closure system on the overlapping side panels for optimum fit. The Command JacŪ Snap & Velcro model features ten pockets of the wearer's choice that can be placed anywhere on the unit's snap and Velcro system. The regular CJ10 unit has eight expandable box type pockets on the front, two front slash pockets and a small utility pocket sewn on the back
    The specially designed NATO SRT with attached groin guard that folds in when not needed
  7. Hardcorps 2
  8. Rifle Retention System
    The Rifle Plate Retention System quickly turns two hard armor plates into heavy duty protection.
  9. Load Bearing Vests
    This mesh load bearing vest can be worn over a concealable vest or the NATO SRT.
  10. External Carriers:(For Concealable Panels)
  11. Concealable Carriers
    Carrier system hugs your body shaping the ballistic panels to the form of your upper torso, male or female