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Weizel presently serves 1,755 correctional and prison facilities in North America 2006 Incarceration Facts

U.S.A: 2.2 Million inmates in approx. 7,000 facilities.

Canada: 38,000 inmates in approx. 450 facilities

Weizel presently serves 2,454 hospitals in North America


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NS400E (Solenoid Operated) - for Swinging Doors - requires Builders Hardware Cylinders
NS400E  Series Locks -  Builders Hardware Cylinder Electro -Mechanical  Deadlatch Locks for Swinging Doors  (Solenoid Operated)

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Model # Operation Function Old Series Number Operation Voltage Unit Price
NS400 NS402 NS406
NS400E Solenoid Operated Latchbolt Non-Fail Safe  01 N/A 24 AC/DC US$ 0.00 US$ 0.00 US$ 0.00
04 900 x Indication Switch(I/S) 24 AC/DC US$ 0.00 US$ 0.00 US$ 0.00
07 900 x IS x HB 24 AC/DC US$ 0.00 US$ 0.00 US$ 0.00
NS400EFS Solenoid Operated Latchbolt Fail-Safe 04 900FS x IS 24 AC/DC  US$ 0.00 US$ 0.00 US$ 0.00

*Prices include: power modulator, strike, mounting screws and plug connector. Factory Supplied key cylinders are supplied with two(2) keys. 

Additional Pricing for (POA): 

Optional finish
Key Cylinder Extension, specify 6",7" or 8"
LEK Operation added to lock
Factory modifcation of cylinder
Inmate Push-Button Switch
Universal Lock Tester
900 to 400 Retro Harness
Pneumatic Version of Lock (Order NS400P-04)
Additional MARS fitting




Specify for minimum/medium security swinging cell, corridor or administration areas of institutions with 2" wide hollow metal jamb construction.

Standard Features, Options & Accessories


1. Electrical interlocking of doors requires special wiring and/or adaptations for control consoles, which are not included in the above prices

2. Locks are shipped 24VDC, unless otherwise specified.

3. Customer supplied key cylinders must a) be 1-5/32" diameter, with full bar-stock body; b) be 1 1/4" long, from under head, including cam; c) have a removable, standard, Yale-type cam. Cylinders and keys must be sent to our factory.

4. When key cylinders for 'LEK' are supplied by customers, contact our factory before ordering or sending cylinders.

5. Locks keyed on stop side of door frame require key cylinder extension .