Use of medical restraints, medical restraint straitjacket is solely the decision of the professional ordering the applications of medical products. A technique for a person in bed is a four-point medical restraint system. The medical restraints you have been looking for to fit the medical institutions that allows controlled medical restraint interaction. Features locks for medical restraint sizing and wrist cuffs attached directly to the belt to control movement. Universal key opens all locks. Use with ankle hobble medical restraint for added security. human restraints

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Our hospital restraints are intended to be used in situations involving a person who may cause harm to himself/herself or others. These products may human restraints be dangerous if improperly used or applied. We suggest people who are restrained by these medical restraints and straitjackets be monitored at all times. human restraints A technique for ambulatory purposes is possible using an ankle hobble applied snugly at the ankle. Ambulatory products encourage interaction with others without sacrificing safety and ultimately reducing the need for seclusion. human restraints People in these medical restraints should be monitored at all times.

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human restraints


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carefully inspect each product before using. Things to look for include human restraints leather, nylon or polyurethane fatigue, cuts, hardware damage, loose medical restraints stitching and frayed nylon edges. Worn or damaged products human restraints should not be used. medical restraints medical restraints Should the patient require additional control, the application human restraints of a fifth point (about the chest) or sixth point (at the thighs) might be necessary. Generation III polyurethane human restraints with leather eboss enhances patient comfort and staff's ease of use. Water resistant cuffs won't shrink or stretch. human restraints medical restraints Use with ankle hobble for added security/ Independently human restraints adjustable wrist cuffs.Medical Restraint Straitjacket. Advantage of this unique product are its durability, medical restraints it won't stretch or shrink, and cleans quickly and easily. controlled itneraction at its best. Fits juvenile human restraints to adult populations and llows each arm to adjust separately for human restraints 12 medical restraints inches of movement. The straitjacket, made of heavy duty canvas, is available in four sizes. Medical restraints features a removable cotton croth strap and leather closing straps. These medical restraints fits juvenile to adult populations for controlled ambulatory movement. Removable leather straps for easy cleaning. Use our dispoasable fleece liners for additional comfort. A great transport aid, the humane blanket wrap comes in 3 sizes and adjusts to accommodate juveniles to adults. Medical Restraint Straitjacket Medical Restraint Straitjacket Medical Restraint Straitjacket human restraints

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