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Weizel presently serves 1,755 correctional and prison facilities in North America 2006 Incarceration Facts

U.S.A: 2.2 Million inmates in approx. 7,000 facilities.

Canada: 38,000 inmates in approx. 450 facilities

Weizel presently serves 2,454 hospitals in North America


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Wall Mounted Bench (no back) - 850L x 500W x 300mmH

Size: 850L x 500w x 300mmh

Hardware Included:
-1 only hanger bracket (dependent on length)
-3 only 3/8" 1 1/2" cap screws
-6 only 2 3/4" x 3/8" zinc coated sleeve anchor SLB
-3 only 1" x 3/8" button head s/s hex. security screws

Laminate thickness reinforcement type and addition of gelcote finish will affect fire properties and test results.
Laminate mechanical properties - Range based on filter admixtures.

Barcol Hardness 50 - 73
Flexural Strength 19, 000 - 23, 700 PSI
Flexural Modulus 12.5 - 16 x 10 PSI
Tensile Strength 10,300 - 11,800 PSI
Tensile Elongation % 1.3 - 1.75
Compressive Strength 22,200 - 28,900
Specific Gravity 1.34 - 1.83
Compressive Modulus x 10 PSI 16.6 - 18.4

For the purpose of pricing, the following physical properties are standard. Other variation can be matched to customer specifications.

  • Class 1 Flame Spread < 15
  • Smoke Dev - 695
  • Thickness - 5mm - Standard
  • Colors Standard - Ashland #7597, #7598, #1393 and #1392
  • Finish Orange Peel - work areas flat finish, ie desktop

Note: Fire properties based on 3 ply 1.5 oz. Laminate.
**Custom colors available upon request


  • Uses - dorms, correctional facilities, hospitals and more
  • One-piece construction
  • Light weight
  • Fits any wall type
  • Available in custom colors
  • No sharp edges
  • No seams
  • Easy installation
  • Security tamper proof fasteners
  • Low flame and smoke dev. ratings available
  • Repairable
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Reinforced composite furniture built with maximum and medium security performance requirements. Standard product built to the following specifications.

Hardware: (following range supplied with various products)

  • All support angles are primed mild steel
  • Anchors:
    • Sleeve anchors, zinc plated cold rolled steel or stainless steel. Sleeve SAE 1006 body and ISO grade 6.8 hex. bolt
    • Wedge anchors, zinc plated or s/s
      • Stainless steel expansion clip UL approved
      • AISI C1030
      • 304 and 316 s/s alloy
  • Fasteners
    • s/s button head hex. socket security machine screws
    • Steel pin aluminum rivets
    • Zamac pin bolt - 304 s/s alloy and Zamac 5 alloy
  • Drop in anchors - zinc plated steel AISI C12L14

**Specify wall or floor construction material, i.e. s/stud, concrete, concrete block etc. Stainless steel available for all anchors or fasteners if required.

MATERIALS (The following materials will be required for installation - these are supplied by others)

  • Caulking: Sika Flex 7A or equivalent
  • Security sealant: Verticoat epoxy or Sika Dur fastest epoxy or equivalent

**Owner, architect or engineer will specify the use of security sealant in high-risk areas

Wall Mounted Bench (no back) - 850L x 500W x 300mmH

Model: 423-10-125-30-005

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